Trademark verification

For those who want to
own its brand
  • From 8 months
  • Without refusal
  • No overpayment
Preliminary assessment of the possibility of registering a sign in 30 minutes
Registration fees

Please note that in addition to the tariffs, a patent fee is paid. The fee depends on the selected activities and methods of filing an application for registration.

Find the amount of the fee
Application + Instruction
  • selection of classes
  • preparing an application for self-filing
  • providing templates for documents required to respond to requests
Package Features
saving money
There are no known obstacles to registration
work with FIPS
paid additional services
500 EURO
2 days
Turn-key registration
  • check by databases:
    • registered characters
    • Registration Requests
    • brand names
    • International bases
    • special registries
  • preparing and submitting an application
  • Duty payment with a 30% discount
  • business management
  • Answers to FIPS requests
  • obtaining a certificate
Package Features
the success of registration is known in advance
full escort of registration
legal support
fix price
827 USD
12 months Need faster?
Complicated trademark registration
  • Challenging a denial of registration
  • receiving consent letters
  • annulment of signs due to non-use
  • termination of marks in connection with the liquidation of copyright holders
  • challenging sign registration
  • Confirmation of distinctiveness
Features of the service
elimination of barriers to registration
contestation of denial of registration
the project is conducted by experienced lawyers
2 000 EURO
from 4 months.
96% of successful registrations 4.8 out of 5 customer evaluation close work with FIPS
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How to register
Checking a trademark
The audit is conducted on the same bases used by the FIPS staff when deciding on registration: FIPS registries, International registries, special registries (vary depending on the classes of the ICGS).
Our objective is
To find out if there are obstacles to registration, find a way to overcome them
The result is
report on the possibility of registering a mark
Preparation and filing an application
The volume of protection of a trademark directly depends on the content of the application. To ensure optimal protection, it is necessary to select correctly the classes of the ICGS and prepare a professional description of the trademark itself
Our objective is
pick all the necessary classes and subclasses and fill out the application correctly
The result is
obtaining priority on a trademark
Registration of goods sign in Rospatent
Registration of a trademark in Russia lasts from 12 months. During this time, up to 8 requests and notifications come from the FIPS. For each document you need to prepare an operational response. Otherwise, the application is recognized as withdrawn
Our objective is
register without refusal as soon as possible
The result is
registration of a trademark
Registered Trademarks

What you need to know about registering a trademark

State registration of a trademark in Rospatent                             
is the only way to secure exclusive rights to your trademark in Russia and any country in the world.


International Trademark Registration                             
is a registration system where one application for protection of a trademark can be filed at once in 116 countries. Such a system simplifies registration, but does not protect the trademark at once all over the world.


The term of registration of a trademark                             
depends on the terms established by Rospatent, as well as the purity of the sign. Rospatent, according to the regulations, can register up to 18.5 months. Each request and notification of FIPS about errors in documents or obstacles to registration                             extends the process for 2-6 months.


The success of self-registration of trademarks                             
is no more than 15%. The most common reasons for refusal: the presence of opposing signs and incorrect answers to FIPS notices.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Since when can I use the trademark?

    You can use the trademark after you have verified and excluded the possibility of violating the rights of third parties. The owner of the mark can start his promotion, sell the goods marked with a sign.
      However, it is possible to fully protect your brand only after the trademark is registered. Only after receiving the registration number of the sign, the rightholder can transfer the rights to the trademark: conclude franchise agreements, license agreements, enter a trademark in the customs register, bring the perpetrators to justice.

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